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A Seat At The Table

A Seat At The Table

By Pastor Duaine

Shaking doesn’t happen by mistake. It’s not an accident and it’s never inconsequential. Yet, it does happen. Shaking is oftentimes the womb of divine struggle. Time and again it becomes the assigned transportation to experiencing the next level. It serves as a womb designed to birth extraordinary value through God’s promise.

The funny thing about shaking is it seems to come unannounced. If nothing else, it certainly comes ‘unwelcomed’! This can rattle even the strongest in heart and rumble the firmest foundations. The promise of Jesus is that the storms we face will not crush us, but He never promised they would not surprise us! He doesn’t even promise that we won’t be rattled. I’ll admit, this has made me mad at Him before (I’m sure this comes as a surprise!).

I’ve discovered it’s the dichotomies of faith that deter many believers. It’s hearing that we are to be “lambs” and “lions”, to “turn the other cheek” and yet “fight”, that we are “the head” and still “know how to be abased”, so on and so forth. Yet, these don’t divide each other, they balance each other. It’s proper weight on either side of the scale that produces proper balance. This is a side note, but never allow something that was supposed to provide balance and value create division and holes.

Watch this divine tension when we think about shaking. We find that we’ve received a Kingdom that cannot be shaken, yet even our Lord Jesus sweat blood as He asked if the cup could pass. If it happened to Him, it may happen to us. We find this to be a truth surrounding our process to the next level. Many times it’s not the moment of pressure that breaks the believer. It’s when struggle outlasts our expectation. Elongated battle can make even the strong battle-weary. Disappointment rests at the point of failed expectation and hope deferred can truly sicken the heart.

The womb of struggle often contains two powers fighting at once to gain significance. I’ll call these the power of elevation and the power thievery. Each has an agenda working against the other to accomplish a result. This can become the believer’s area of frustration. If we aren’t careful we can become like others who allow the struggle of our day to define the value of our life. Decide today that you won’t fall into this trap. You are not the sum total of your frustrations. This moment of pain will pass as well. I’m reminded of the relatively young family of Isaac and Rebekah. They came to a point in life where children began to overrun their conversations. Rebekah’s struggle was their discovery of her womb being barren. It ate at Isaac as well. After some time Isaac was driven before the Lord and pleaded that his wife be healed. She was! Miraculously she went from producing nothing to being found with twins who would later be known as Jacob and Esau. Yet her birthing wasn’t easy. Two Nations were struggling in her womb.

Many times this is the frustration of our lives as well. As we embark on our destined journey to produce the life of promise we face multiple powers pulling in different directions. It seems it would be too easy to simply face one battle, right!? The most difficult seasons of our lives often do not have one power to deal with. So many times our frustration is that we are being surrounded by multiple things all vying for life.

Notice what happens, Jacob was named out of his struggle. Here in lies the problem, too many people of faith determine names by their experience. They let their experience label them. They start thinking like the struggle. You are called to outlast and outthink struggle. Jacob lived years of his life affected by just a moment of struggle. Don’t miss this. They let one moment of frustration define years of their life. Jacob’s name means heal catcher, supplanter, or thief. Your life is too valuable to let thieves steal years. Even if he tries and seems to succeed, God is a restorer!

One of the main powers in the struggle is the power of the thief. The thief always wants our struggle to become our definition. He wants to create such frustration from the thick of the battle that you define tomorrow by today’s struggle. Weariness can provide the backdrop for quitting. Don’t do it.

Fatigue makes too many believers live beneath their rights. Jacob allowed his season to make him think God’s word was simply an idea, not a guarantee. This is dangerous. As Kingdom citizens we have rights. God’s word is not just a possibility, or an idea amongst others. Any and every promise in His word is a believer’s right. This is the way a Kingdom works, it’s called the commonwealth. When Jacob left his father he had an encounter with the Most High God. In the emotions of this moment he told God, “If you bring me back blessed, my life belongs to You.”

I don’t think the point of his statement is to build a contingency upon which he will freely serve God. The true value in the statement is the recognition of the divine rights that come with covenant. Jacob knows that when we live a life of covenant with God we can expect certain blessings. Yet, his issue is that he is still testing things out. You can never have God’s best as long as you treat it like an option. He treats God’s word as if it’s an idea not a guarantee. Struggle can do this to us. It can make us take God’s word too lightly. You must know without a doubt that God’s word cannot return void.

Just like Jesus in the midst of shaking and painful struggle, God’s desire will always win. Later in Life Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, which means Prince with God and man. But he had to wrestle for it and claim his Kingdom rights. You do as well. Each of us must take our rights by force. The Kingdom is suffering violence, you must use force to lay hold on what He promises you. Here are some quick pointers to keep in mind when overcoming tough seasons.


Your struggle is never greater than your God. He oversees your life and knows every step you take. The greatest power working in the struggle is the power of elevation. In every season of frustration there is a divine anointing resident to lift you to a new dimension. There is always value just beyond the whirlwind. Stay in your call, grab hold of the anointing, and know that He who is working in you is greater.


Your mouth is a main part of being like God. He speaks and creates, you should too. If you allow the struggle happening outside to get on your lips you will always sound like your season. One of the best ways to see how someone is doing is to see if they sound like the struggle or the promise. Allowing the frustration to rule your tongue gives your season permission to multiply. It doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. Of course we can. It means the dominant power must be the word of God. Learn your rights and speak them every day.


Storms look crazy at times. However, we cannot let a crazy looking storm make you look at everything else crazy. Your perspective will naturally progress in any trial. It should increase. You should gain wisdom, perspective, and revelation through the process. The problem is when our experience in one season limits our hope for future seasons. Tomorrow doesn’t need to look like yesterday. Claim the promises of God and see from the eyes of faith, not simple sight.


A young boy name Mephibosheth was born into royalty but dropped by someone else early in his life. Being of a royal family doesn’t mean life won’t drop you. You are a child of God, but sometimes you are fumbled in life. It doesn’t always turn the way we desire. This drop damaged him for the rest of his life. He spent years of his life experiencing a world beneath his royal rights. He never laid claim to his kingdom lineage.

Lazarus went through a similar, yet unique struggle. A struggle that caused him to die. He was waiting on Jesus to heal Him but Jesus was days away. This is a hard place to be in. A place where the King knows about your struggle but seemingly does nothing. You feel like He is held up. “Why won’t you show up now!?” we cry. God doesn’t wait because He doesn’t care, He waits because He has more for you than you ever imagined. Everyone knew He could heal the sick, but no one knew He could raise the dead. God is using this season to do something in your life no one around you has ever seen! A new glory is on the way.

Both of them found a season where God’s favor overruled their life! A time when the blessing of God chased and overcame them. Both found favor, were resurrected by the power of God, and brought directly to their place at the Kingdom table. They began experiencing Kingdom rights! No matter if someone else dropped you and harmed you, or if you feel like the season killed your dreams, you still have a seat at the royal table. God has prepared a table of destiny for you to eat at even in the presence of your enemies. At the end of the day you overcome!